Last Goodbye

by New Model Soldier

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We recorded these last April. Stories of love, loss of faith, and mistaken identity.


released January 11, 2017

Miggs - Bass
Paul Fearn - Guitars, keyboards, programming, backing vocals
Dave Kurley - Vocals
With help from:
Alison Davis-Kurley - vocals on Belinda No-one
Kathy and Madison Fearn - chanting on Belinda No-one
Some God-botherer on Fargate - preaching on The Gods Don't Care



all rights reserved


New Model Soldier Sheffield, UK

We're back. After 30-odd years. It's like we've never been away.

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Track Name: Belinda No-one
The mice are all wearing hats
They’re dancing round the bed.
The cat is behind the curtain
She's golden-eyed with dread.
Belinda No-one claps her hands
and says ‘You’re all in my head.'

There she is on the front seat of the bus
At the head of the roller coaster I sit
She's taking time to forget about us
The chair-chuckers, and the one who spits
She's strapped in and ready for the ride
And the bus driver shouts 'No more room inside'.

The gnomes have stolen her bag
Under the seats they creep
Dwarves fighting in the luggage rack
Crash landing in a heap
Belinda No-one shakes her head
and asks 'Am I still asleep?'

We're back with Belinda, still strapped in
I'm in the office, and I'm getting fired
A priest asks about confession and sin
And my chair has a high back and wires
She's weeping and wailing and screaming no
And her manager says 'Going to have to let you go.'

And her brolly is a rifle
And she's taking aim from the steeple
And her breathing is calm and unhurried
And she's taking potshots at the people
And her face is calm and unworried
But it's only a brolly
Just a brolly in her hands
But it's only a brolly
A broken brolly in her hands

She hides under seats with gnomes
Dances with the mice in hats
Chats idly with the dwarves
While cuddling the golden-eyed cat
Belinda No-one smiles a smile
And says 'That, my friend, is that.'
Track Name: The Gods Don't Care
You know we're not in charge
Strings are being pulled
All of us are victims
Can't see through the wool
Buying time's for losers
Got to end it now
Got no time for heroes
Weapons from the ploughs
A bullet coughs out
And somebody dies
God it's not fair
You hear the people cry

See my face
See my face
See my face
See my face
As it lights up with the slowly dawning realisation
That God really doesn't give a fuck

You know it’s not my problem
It happens all the time
Who listens to your protests?
Who listen to you whine?
There’s never any reason
For inhumanity
The everyday malice
blows your sanity
Machetes slash the air
Another victim dies
God it’s not fair
You hear the people cry

See my face
See my face
See my face
See my face
As it lights up with the slowly dawning realisation
That God really doesn't give a fuck...
Track Name: Time and Space
I need a little space
Somewhere warm and dark to hide
When the fear gets too big
And I can’t see the other side
When the teeth start to bite
And the blood starts to race
I just need a little space

Just give me some space
A little time and space

I need some more time
Because the only way is down
There’s too much in my mind
And it’s spilling over the crown
When the wire starts to cut
And the blood starts to flow
I could do with some more time

Just give me some time
A little space and time

Wish I could travel through time
Wish I could travel through space
Wish I could travel with you
Wish you could travel with me
There is always time
There is always space

You could do with some more time
There's no escaping fate
Can’t outrun the coming storm
Your future slipping from the plate
When the seconds start to fray
And the blood starts to spray
We could all do with more time

Time is what I need
Just a little space and time